SabalCare offers a variety of services to our clients. These can include light housekeepingcompanionshiptransfer care, and mobility assistancemeal preparationerrands and transportation, and respite care. Running errands and simply getting around, in particular, can not only be tiresome but also difficult for our clients.


SabalCare provides transportation to help get your loved one to and from doctor’s appointments, take them shopping and complete various other activities. As people age, their ability to drive tends to deteriorate. Rather than be stuck at home, it is important for seniors to get around to their various appointments or simply to social activities which help with their overall health and happiness. Just because your loved ones can no longer drive themselves where they want to go doesn’t mean they have to miss out on any of the activities they enjoy.


SabalCare provides safe transportation and pleasurable companionship for your loved ones to their favorite arts and cultural programs, religious services, social and charity functions or simply their regular doctor’s appointments. If your loved one enjoys their monthly trip to the salon, we will be sure that they continue enjoying those trips as long as possible.

Perhaps they simply need to run a few errands and pick up a prescription on the way home; our caregivers are available to offer the assistance needed to carry on with those daily tasks. Learn more about SabalCare's senior transportation services in Central FL, which will benefit you and your loved one by calling us today.

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